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  • Alex Schuh

    Alex Schuh

    I love building new products and services, and have a background in UX/UI and Front-End Development. In this blog, I want to share thoughts and experiences.

  • Curt Corginia

    Curt Corginia

    Founder, CEO, CTO, COO, and janitor at a company I made up called CORGICorporation

  • Vitaly Dulenko

    Vitaly Dulenko

    Lead Product Designer @wirexapp | Husband | Believer

  • Chuck Pearson

    Chuck Pearson

    Design brother and CEO of Rareview

  • Anna Vasyukova

    Anna Vasyukova

    Sr. Product Designer @Circa | Startup addicted solo UX Designer | Fascinated by human behavior

  • Pascal Barry

    Pascal Barry

    Designer of digital products, brands, websites and type. Co-founder at akord.com, a tech startup based in Paris. Visit the source at www.blogofpascal.com

  • Diana Malewicz

    Diana Malewicz

    Co-Founder @ HYPE4.com | Author of “Designing Interfaces” book | +11 years experienced Product Designer and Advisor

  • Elizabeth Dawber

    Elizabeth Dawber

    MWC Honorable Mention. I write insightful and humorous essays about our collective experiences. Plus the occasional book list. Quality over quantity.

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