Does it really take a lot to make a landing page look professional?

We know what “professional” looks like. So why is it so hard to make our pages look right?

When designing, we realize the thousands of micro-decisions needed to create a page.

Decisions like:

  • Where should we put the images?
  • Is this enough spacing? Is this too much spacing?
  • Is everything aligned with everything else? Should this one element break that rule because of this reason?
  • How much padding should we…

Most people in college write their notes in class, later summarize them and study from that.

I was weird and sometimes did things differently.

When a test was coming up, I would start ripping pages from my notebook so I could clip them together with similar topics of that subject.

Then I would reread them and create what’s called a mind map.

It ended up being…

Billboard showcasing a landing page on it. Background has a man climbing up a mountain. Foreground is a form field and text that says “Register to our course” as its main headline.
Template from this Multi Purpose Landing Page by azmind

Landing pages with no Calls to Action? 🤔

Once upon a time, I got tasked with a project that got me REALLY excited.

There was a client in our company that needed a page.

A very special page.

And you know what page it was?

A landing page. 🎉

I was over the MOON, and for a few reasons:

  1. I love landing pages (this whole thing you’re reading is proof)
  2. I don’t actively…

After you finish this article, you’ll end up with a 4-step framework for creating landing pages.

When I first started out freelancing and got my first real client, I remember totally freezing up.

I mean, where do you even start in a project like that?

There were so many factors to keep in mind that everything ends up meshing together in your brain.

Even though I…

The words “Does this matter?” points at a laptop screen showing off the top of the fold
Laptop image from Vector de svstudioart

Deconstructing the trend to use “above the fold” concepts when creating landing pages and other insights

I don’t normally do this, but…

This article will assume you know what “above the fold”, why we say it isn’t relevant anymore and why it’s been called a myth since 2014-ish.

If you’d like to learn what “above the fold” means and why it’s “dead”:

Create viral articles to guide people to your landing pages

Resources, insights, and observations made so you can make your own content marketing strategy (and create a 24% converting squeeze page)

Last week, I created an article. And it blew up.

With no audience to share it to, it had reached 29,000 people, generated over 50 followers and helped get people to my landing page, which has added over 70 people to my list.

(And to give you an idea of what that feels like, this is what I woke up…

Mac with loading symbol and an arrow that says “This lowers conversions”

Your perfect landing pages isn’t converting. What went wrong?

You created the perfect landing page. And then, it doesn’t convert.

To your dismay, you realize that your page speed score is ABYSMAL.




Other complicated words!

So what can you do?

Let’s break down the most common reasons:

  1. Your page is demanding too many round trips to the server.
  2. Your files are HUGE!
  3. You’re…

Here’s exactly what he does.

A few days ago, I found myself lost in a sea of unread emails.

Emails from different emails lists, promotions from my bank, from my dad’s bank, from ebay, my mom’s subscriptions to realtor websites, from social media, from…

Let’s just say it was insane.

And that’s because, over the years, I’ve created a bunch of emails for different reasons.

And add to the…

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