Like these. Why are they always gray?

I realized the answer a few days ago while going through a landing page course…

Something had just clicked in my head, so I went running to create this article

But before going into it, just for context’s sake, what we’re talking about is these sorts of sections, like the one on Quintly’s page:

Here’s exactly what he does.

A few days ago, I found myself lost in a sea of unread emails.

Emails from different emails lists, promotions from my bank, from my dad’s bank, from ebay, my mom’s subscriptions to realtor websites, from social media, from…

Let’s just say it was insane.

And that’s because, over the years, I’ve created a bunch of emails for different reasons.

And add to the fact that, since I was my family’s “tech guy”, I also helped them with stuff for their emails…

It became an absolute mess.


One email for the YouTube channel I made when I was a teen.

One email for my dad’s business.

Another that used to be the one…

You have just 3 seconds to load your page before people leave.

Anything more than that, and money is flat out lost.

“The average time it takes to fully load a mobile landing page is 22 seconds, according to a new analysis. Yet 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s a big problem.” Daniel An, Google, 2017

Spoiler: The answer isn’t always “no”.

Indiana Jones preparing to grab an idol from a pedestal
Indiana Jones preparing to grab an idol from a pedestal

We all know what happens when Indiana Jones grabs the idol from the pedestal.

The place immediately starts shaking.

Indy starts looking around frantically.

He starts to sweat.

And you see his expression change as you can guess the single thought going through his head.

“I need to get out of here NOW.”

He books it to the entrance.

The dangerous traps he’s been carefully avoiding before?

They don’t matter now.

A barrage of sleep darts and traps are sprung in his frenzy to the exit.

And he somehow manages to not get hit by a single one.

And then you can imagine what happens.

Chasms are jumped.

Split-second decisions need to be made.

There are two ways to do marketing.

Had to pick up an old book for this article haha

The way I see it, there are two ways to do marketing.

You can either:

  1. Have your leads come to you. (paid advertising, SEO, referrals, Content Marketing)
  2. Go where your leads are. (Social media, Online groups, cold emailing)

Since you’re going the organic route, that means some of your options are limited. So:

  • No paid advertising (Google, Facebook, social media ads)
  • No paying for lists of interested leads (For campaigns)

That leaves us with:

  • SEO (Long term strategy and dependent on algorithms)
  • Non-paid Content Marketing (Time consuming and can be hit or miss )
  • Social Media interaction (Time-consuming, can be hit or miss AND it’s based on algorithms)
  • Online Groups
  • Creating your…

An easy way to figure out how to structure your landing page for optimized conversions

Have you ever thought about how metal chains are made?

Orange Hot Chain

Me neither.

But then I came across a video with this picture of an orange hot chain as its preview. So of course I had to watch it.

Did you know chain starts as a kind of wire rod?

It’s weird right? I mean, it kind of makes sense, but it’s not what you would have expected, is it?

Not to mention, the material looks so flimsy compared to an actual steel chain when you look at it. And then you wonder…

How the hell does it go from that to the wonderful don’t-you-dare-steal-my-bike chain we all know and love?

Well, it starts by passing the rod through a machine that…

Throw everything you know about landing pages out of the window.

Oh? You want to increase conversions by 500%?

Then throw everything you know about landing pages out the window.

Guy throwing a laptop out the window
Guy throwing a laptop out the window
You throwing everything you know about landing pages out of the window.

We don’t have time for quick “tips and tricks”. That stuff ain’t gonna help you get a 500% increase in conversion.

We ain’t no chumps.

We need to change the very fabric of what a landing page is to get those kinds of numbers.

BUT WAIT, we still need to address the elephant in the room. A 500% increase in your landing page sounds catchy, but it presents a problem.

Statistics are kind of, uhh, manipulative.

A 500% increase could mean:

  • 1 million people visit your site and 5%…

Let’s explore what’s wrong with this question.

Cartoon vector used was created by vectorjuiceFreepik

How Do You Engineer Value Into Your Landing Pages?

So… what’s wrong with this question? It seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

Well, no.

The problem lies in the way the question is framed because… well, it feels a bit misguided.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it has the heart in the right place!

It’s just…

Well, it’s like asking “How do I give value in an email?”

You see what I mean?

A landing page is just a vehicle for the message or offer you’re giving your leads.

Like, I could write my offer out on a crumpled napkin and it could give you the same amount…

How do you make more people buy when they visit your site?

The buyer cycle

When we ask these sort of questions, what we’re really asking is:

“How do I make more people buy when they visit my ecommerce site?“

Which I mean, hell yeah.

When we talk about conversion rates, you’re bound to find a variety of tactics on the web that hit every aspect of ecommerce that you should probably follow.

  • YES, personalize your offer.
  • YES, beat your competition and show your products first.
  • YES, make your site trustworthy and easy to check your products out on. (Make clicking buy a no brainer).

But what ends up happening, especially when chasing those conversion numbers, is that we tend to follow these tactics without a real…

Gerald Barnbaum worked as a doctor for well over 20 years. And then, they found out he wasn’t a real doctor.

Everything started in 1971.

Having had his license as a pharmacist revoked due to medical fraud, Gerald Barnbaum assumed the name of a practicing orthopedic surgeon, Gerald Barnes, and got a job as a physician at the Pacific Southwest Medical Group in California.

And then an insane series of events ensued.

In 1979, he was charged with accidental manslaughter.

One of his patients was suffering from undiagnosed Type I diabetes. All the symptoms were there: dry mouth, chronic thirst, dizziness, and rapid weight loss.

But the “doctor” prescribed him a drug for vertigo.

They found the 29-year-old man dead in his house a few days later.

Now everybody knew he was a…

Mauro Accorinti

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