Let’s explore what’s wrong with this question.

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How Do You Engineer Value Into Your Landing Pages?

So… what’s wrong with this question? It seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

Well, no.

The problem lies in the way the question is framed because… well, it feels a bit misguided.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it has the heart in the right place!

It’s just…

Well, it’s like asking “How do I give value in an email?”

You see what I mean?

A landing page is just a vehicle for the message or offer you’re giving your leads.

Like, I could write my offer out on a crumpled napkin and it could give you the same amount…

How do you make more people buy when they visit your site?

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The buyer cycle

When we ask these sort of questions, what we’re really asking is:

“How do I make more people buy when they visit my ecommerce site?“

Which I mean, hell yeah.

When we talk about conversion rates, you’re bound to find a variety of tactics on the web that hit every aspect of ecommerce that you should probably follow.

  • YES, personalize your offer.
  • YES, beat your competition and show your products first.
  • YES, make your site trustworthy and easy to check your products out on. (Make clicking buy a no brainer).

But what ends up happening, especially when chasing those conversion numbers, is that we tend to follow these tactics without a real…

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Gerald Barnbaum worked as a doctor for well over 20 years. And then, they found out he wasn’t a real doctor.

Everything started in 1971.

Having had his license as a pharmacist revoked due to medical fraud, Gerald Barnbaum assumed the name of a practicing orthopedic surgeon, Gerald Barnes, and got a job as a physician at the Pacific Southwest Medical Group in California.

And then an insane series of events ensued.

In 1979, he was charged with accidental manslaughter.

One of his patients was suffering from undiagnosed Type I diabetes. All the symptoms were there: dry mouth, chronic thirst, dizziness, and rapid weight loss.

But the “doctor” prescribed him a drug for vertigo.

They found the 29-year-old man dead in his house a few days later.

Now everybody knew he was a…

What’s the “secret” to finding your product’s uniqueness?

Common Basilisk Lizard
Common Basilisk Lizard

Have you ever heard of the Common Basilisk lizard?

It’s a lizard that lives in rainforests, most commonly spotted from southern Mexico to Panama.

And like most lizards, pregnant female basilisk lizards can lay up to 20 eggs per batch.

And yeah, that’s not surprising for a lizard. Most species do the same, so what’s so special about them then?

They can run on water.

Meet the “Jesus Christ” lizard

What makes this lizard special is the anatomy of their hind legs.

In the presence of danger, this critter can run towards any body of water and slap their feet quickly against the surface.

This rapid churning of their legs help create little pockets…

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Is Benefit always good? (Page from Modern Hire)

What else can you use instead?

A bucket, a hammer and a toilet seat. A door lock, a kitchen faucet and a paintbrush.

Whenever you stand inside a hardware store, you’re surrounded by solutions of every kind.

And if you’re the owner of one, like my dad is, you’ll quickly get into the habit of helping people find the right solutions to their problems.

Like the lady who came in one day with a busted looking door lock.

And that was because somebody tried to get into her house.

She was coming home from grocery shopping when she heard the noise of somebody running closer to her.

*BANG* went the impact as a man tried to force himself in through the door. …

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Explained by creating a hypothetical campaign that helps me sell this cat.

Everybody, meet Oreo.

Out of Order sign on a printer
Out of Order sign on a printer

Or can we save on time by re-using them when possible?

If you think about it, Ink Cartridges are the worst example of something you can “re-use”.

If you’ve ever had a printer, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Ink Cartridges are very… quirky, and by design.

There are thousands of reasons why your printer might not print a document. And they all (usually) have to do with the ink. (If it’s not the ink, it’s usually the drivers).

That’s why the #1 most common recommendation to fix printer problems will have to do with buying a new ink cartridge.

And this is again, by design, because it always feels like your printer is pushing you to buy a new cartridge.

For example, the fact that…

Line of military recruits waiting to begin doing a military course
Line of military recruits waiting to begin doing a military course
Marine Corps Obstacle Course

Increase conversion rates and lead your readers to the bottom of the page without them even realizing it.

If you were to go in as a new recruit in the U.S Marines, you’d probably quickly learn about their infamous obstacle courses.

Dating back to WWI, military obstacle courses have been a staple in training new soldiers into top physical shape.

If you’ve never seen one, imagine a 300 foot stretch of land filled to the brim with low logs, high bars, tall wooden walls and rope climbing sectors.

You’d be tasked to do things like climb, jump, run, balance, carry, throw and crawl yourself through a labrinth of challenges towards an end goal.

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What would it take to get you to buy this car?

That is one hell of a question, because the second it’s asked, your brain begins thinking about the thousands upon thousands of obstacles stopping you from getting this car.

These obstacles we’re going to call client objections, and we’re going to define them as everything stopping the client from buying into your offer.

It could be price. (Do I make enough to afford it?)

It could be the fear of something going wrong… (Will it break down frequently?)

Or even just the lack of need for the offer. (I don’t even have a license!)

Objections pop up whenever you’re trying…

Spotify Landing Page
Spotify Landing Page

Or is there more to it?

I was helping a marketer with his landing page the other day.

It was one of those start-up types of “join our waiting list cause it’s not out there yet” pages. (They were trying to release a new social platform).

And something that hit me was how immediately they pushed the lead to sign up. Because here’s the thing…

If the lead isn’t excited about your product yet, you can’t ask them for something.

I’m not going to show the page but just so you have an idea, it was a nice hero image with a vague USP headline.

And because of the complexity of the product (social platforms aren’t the easiest thing to explain…

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